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Lamps infrared mono tube
and twin-tube shortwave


The short-wave infrared emitters with double tube with or without reflector and terminals.

Connecting filaments in series or in parallel. Horizontal or vertical operation.

Total length: 100 to 6000 mm
Radiant Length: 60 to 5800 mm
Power: 300 to 15000 watts
Voltages: 50 to 600 volts

See also :
Halogen shortwave infrared drying ovens for static and rotary
(780/1200 nm)


1. Infrared Heating For Plastics Process
IR drying of coatings on plastics
IR stretching or shirinking plastics
IR heating For PLastics Packaging
IR heating for blow moulding of PET botles

5. Infrared Heating For Glass Industry
IR preheating of car glass
IR drying of coatings on glass
IR heating for manufacturing and outting laminated glass

2. Infrared Heating For Photovoltaic Industry
IR heating for string soldering
IR preheating for sputtering processes

6. Infrared Heating For Textiles Industry
IR drying of coatings on textilies
IR heating for laminating of fabrics

3. Infrared Heeting For Printing Industry
IR curing ink on cloth
IR drying for inkjet-based CTP plates
IR drying of printing products,such es using in banners machine

7. Infrared Heating For Electronic Industry
IR drying of coatings o electronic components
IR heating for the aging of the electronic components

4. Infrared Heating For Food And Chemical Industry
IR heating for disinfection of tableware
IR heating of chicken and vegetables
IR heating of natural herbal medicine
IR heating for removing snow and ice

8. Infrared Heating For Health Maintenance
IR heating for evaporating water in sauna
IR heating for keeping warm in winter
IR heating for manufacturing infrared heater

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